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Tiffany Stanford Image Consultant

About Tiffany Stanford

Tiffany has a great passion and flair for Fashion, strong creativity, and a good understanding for people and really enjoys helping and boosting others with confidence. She has a relaxed and patient approach together with a great sense of humour.

Tiffany has been in the creative industry for over 30 years. During her career she has gone from beautician and hairdresser to become a successful business woman, fashion designer, model, author and image consultant.

She is a fully qualified Image Consultant specialising in Colour Analysis, Women and Men’s Style, Personal Shopping, Styling and Corporate Training.

During a successful modelling career, she modelled for the legendary designer Vivienne Westwood which inspired her to want a career in Fashion and she won Miss Great Britain in 1992, representing her country at the Miss Universe Pageant.

Tiffany has a Degree and an HND in fashion design and after setting up her fashion design company, Bareback Ltd, which is an award winning promotional and corporate clothing design company, her clients include Arsenal Football Club, WKD, Imperial Tobacco, Ferrari, Captain Morgan and Alfa Romeo. She became an award winning fashion designer, selling her designs to Top Shop London and to outlets around the UK.
Her life has had many chapters and fun encounters with celebrities including the great Muhammad Ali and sitting on a judging panel with Simon Cowell. Victoria Beckham bought one of her designs from flagship London Top shop, and Samuel L Jackson had a designer bean bag seat she created, has styled and designed for many more celebrities and has rubbed shoulders with stars, kings and queens.

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