Tiffany Stanford Image Consultant

Wardrobe Detox and Restyle

How often do you say, " I have a wardrobe of clothes but nothing to wear"? We tend to wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time! Maybe it's time to ask yourself, when was the last time I gave my wardrobe a thorough detox?

Whether we like it or not, every time you open your wardrobe, with a groan or with glee, you are making a conscious fashion decision.

Your wardrobe needs a good tidy up and detox now and again, making it much more fun and easy on yourself with a neat, organised, restyled wardrobe that works for you. A cluttered wardrobe may equal a cluttered mind and a detox/ restyle can give you a new energy.

What can I do for you?:

  • Sort out your wardrobe so you can see everything you own (and therefore be more likely to wear it)
  • Keep everything that makes you look and feel amazing
  • Discard anything that does not flatter you
  • Find items we can re-work so you can fall in love with them again
  • Discover which clothes work for different occasions
  • Learn how to wear existing clothes in new combinations
  • Be given great ideas how to add items to complete your new look
you don't get a second chance to make a first impression